Feminist Friday

According to a Huffington Post article there were 18 highlights for women in an otherwise dreary year.

  1. Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination.
  2. The Supreme Court shutting down a Texas abortion law “that required abortion providers have admitting privileges at local hospitals, and that clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers – restrictions that lead to the closure of roughly half of the state’s abortion clinics.” (Huffington Post) (You can read into the situation here)
  3. Simone Biles being perfect in the Olympics
  4. Simone Manuel becoming the first African-American woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming.
  5. The number of women of color in the Senate skyrocketed. (You can read about that here)
  6. The nameless sexual assault victim who gave a voice to every other victim. (You can read her full letter to her attacker, Brock Turner, here)
  7. #NastyWomen (You can read about Trump’s comments here and the response here)
  8. 80,000 plus donations made to Planned Parenthood in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s name. (You can read about that here)
  9. Samantha Bee’s show “Full Frontal.”
  10. Ibtihaj Muhammad, who was the first woman to wear a complete hijab during the Olympics and the first to win while wearing a hijab.
  11. Fu Yuanhui talked about her period on television.
  12. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album.
  13. Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”
  14. Jennifer Anniston standing up against the scrutiny women face. (You can read her open letter here)
  15. Emoji’s featuring hijabs, breastfeeding, and women M.D.s.
  16. Illhan Omar, the first Somalia-American Muslim woman to hold public office. (You can read about her victory here)
  17. Polish women fighting for their rights, and winning. (You can read about that here)
  18. President Barak Obama telling the country and the world that men should be feminists. (You can read his interview here)

You can read Huffington Post’s full article here.


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