Buying Back Books and Laundry

I just have a small rant…or two…

I went to campus today to sell back my books from this past semester.

Let me just explain what I had to do to sell back these books.

Get both kids ready and in the car, get our GIANT (and heavy) double bob stroller out of the back of the Jeep, put both kids in it (with toys and snacks), walk to the bookstore, and sell these 6 books.

They bought back 5 of the 6 books and gave me a whopping $18!

I don’t think this is even worth the trouble for $18.

I legit just got in an argument with a woman in my apartment complex. OVER LAUNDRY!

She had both washers just sitting there so I took them out and put them in her basket. I didn’t put them in the laundry because I am particular about what gets dried and what doesn’t. I go back to switch out my laundry and she’s put a half of a load in each of the dryers. I asked her if she could combine them and I would give her quarters to make up for the ones she would be losing and she said no.

But she wants me to take out my wet clothes so she can do more laundry… Um where the fuck am I supposed to put my wet clothes if I can’t put them in the dryer.

But what makes me the most annoyed is that she followed this up with “Well, I am disabled so can you please move your laundry?” Fuck you. No. You being disabled does not entitle you to anything regarding laundry. I do not have to do anything special for you because you are disabled. I don’t give a flying fuck. You aren’t helping me out so I am not going to take my clothes out and let them get all moldy and gross so you can do two more loads of wash. Thanks but no thanks.

I went downstairs to see how much longer she had and she had added another hour to her dryers. For half a load! Jesus Christ.

Ok, rant over. 😀


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