Pet Peeves


Maybe I’m too sensitive or picky but I have a lot of pet peeves. There are so many things people do that makes my skin crawl. There are a few on here I know bother other people and then there are some that is really just my crazy OCD taking over. I’m sure if I spent some more time I could think of plenty more, but I think I’ve done enough complaining for one day. 🙂

  • When people call me Ash if we aren’t friends. Just don’t.
  • When someone doesn’t text me back but I know they are constantly on their phone.
  • Chewing with your mouth open.
  • When my clothes don’t all face the same way or when my closet is not organized by color and length of sleeves.
  • When my kids’ toys are not organized in the correct bins.
  • When our house is messy.
  • When people leave dirty dishes in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher.
  • When people baby-talk to their dogs, children, or anyone really. 
  • Being late. Whether it’s me that’s late or you I find it incredibly rude, frustrating, and annoying. I prefer to be early everywhere I go. However, if you talk to my husband, I’ve been late myself a handful of times the past few weeks. I suck!
  • When people walk slowly on the sidewalk, in the grocery store, or anywhere else. MOVE IT! You’re in my way!
  • Groups of people who take up the whole sidewalk/aisle without moving over for others to pass.
  • People who interrupt me or talk over me.
  • When people use “I’m sorry you feel that way” as an apology.
  • People who are hanging out with friends or family and they spend more time on their phone.
  • People who don’t text in full sentences.
  • Drivers who don’t use their turn signal.
  • Slow drivers.
  • Being ignored.
  • When people don’t know how to park.


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