Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Every one lies to their kids. We do this for their own good. We do this for our sanity. And we do this because sometimes it’s just easier.

it just so happens that a few hours after I started writing this post another mom posted in “The Mamahood – SF East Bay” Facebook group “What’s your most popular lie you tell your kids?” There were so many funny ones that I just had to add them to my list! Thank you so much mamas!

  • “Santa/the Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny is totally real!”
  • “We don’t have any ice cream/candy.”
  • “Everybody is going to bed.”
  • “I never regretted having you.” – maybe remove
  • “You weren’t an accident.” – maybe remove
  • “I’m going to miss you.” – Now this is only a lie when you’re going out for a few hours or they are going to school. Other than that we do miss them.
  • “Soda is spicy” – Once he hears spicy he’s no longer interested (Jennifer Villalba)
  • “The park is closed…or Starbucks is closed…or Target is closed (in the middle of the day).” (Emily Moore)
  • “That toy is broken.” (Malia Smith)
  • “That toy needs new batteries.” (Jennifer Villalba)
  • “The TV is broken and we need daddy to fix it when he gets home.” (Kate Costanza)
  • “Raisins are candy.” – 3 year old loves raisins because she thinks it’s candy. (Linda Maria Raney)
  • “That DVD is broken.” – I just can’t watch Snow White one more time. (Brittany Green)
  • “This? Oh, it’s coffee.” (Megan Bartleson Quinn)
  • “I have eyes in the back of my head.” (Brenda Hurtado)
  • “Chuck E Cheese is only open for birthday parties” (Sarah Garcia)
  • “McDonalds runs out of food after breakfast” (Sarah Garcia)
  • “The Amazon boxes are just towels I ordered.” – They never notice that we don’t actually have new towels. (Noelle Bolstad)
  • “Mama knows everything because she is magic.” (Michelle Lopez)
  • “This is only for adults.” (Emily Moore)
  • “You won’t like this, it has nuts in it.” – My kids hate nuts so any candy I want for myself I give them this line. (Kirstin Paydo)

What lies to do you tell your kids?


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