Christmas Traditions

We have a few Christmas traditions, and much to Tyson’s dismay, I will be starting more when we get a bigger house. I am very particular about they way my tree is decorated. I want it to all match and be coordinated. He is more a little of this and a little of that, kind of Christmas guy, which drives my OCD crazy! So, to solve this problem I want to have two trees in the house, when we have a bigger house obviously. One for him and the kids to decorate and one just for me and my matching ornaments. Call me mean or whatever, but I don’t want hand made ornaments on my tree, I want them to all be color coordinated, and I want a lot of sparkle. 😀

A girl can dream right?

In the Marsh house we do 12 days of Christmas books. The boys get to open a new book each night to read before bedtime. I have tried to do Christmas books for every day but you kind of run out of books after just three years, at least age appropriate books. If you want to start this tradition start it today. Today is day 1! ❤


Another tradition we have started is opening one gift on Christmas Eve. These gifts are always pajamas, slippers, comfy clothes, etc. I would like to start adding a movie or something similar as the kids get older.

We also have to make Christmas cookies. Tyson makes amazing sugar cookies and I make my Pap Pap’s Torchetti cookies. We pretty much eat our weight in cookies the week of Christmas. It’s not good, but they sure are delicious. And in case you’re wondering, our cookies do not look this good, I wish they did. Maybe one day I will get the patience to make my cookies look like this. My Pap Pap and my dad’s cookies look this good, but they have more patience than me. That and they don’t have two little kids running around.


What kinds of things does your family do to celebrate the holidays?


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