My Top 5 Parenting Secrets That Will Make Your Life Easier

  1. Don’t bathe your kids every day.
    They really don’t need it, they will live. Honestly they can go two or three days without a shower. As long as they didn’t play in mud or poop, babies and toddlers are good for a day or two. Trust me, my kids have gone longer than 2 days with out a bath and are just fine. Once they get a bit older and start doing sports or just being stinky boys require a minimum of 1 shower a day. 😀
  2. Don’t push your child to be potty trained.
    We waited for our oldest son, Cash, to be ready and it was the best thing we could have done. I bought a poster board and made a potty training chart like the one pictured below (I already threw ours away). I gave him 1 sticker for potty and 2 stickers for poop. He got a small little treat every time and every 10 times he got a small little toy. When he reached the end he got whatever toy he wanted from Target, within reason.
    I made this board a few weeks before he was ready so I just hung it up and left it at that. One day he told me “Mommy, I want to wear underwear today.” From then on he was in underwear except at night. He had two accidents and then started wearing underwear at night too.
    It was so easy. He was older than some of his other friends who were potty trained but I didn’t care. It didn’t bother me at all. And I would suggest this method to anyone with young children. It wasn’t a struggle. There were not a lot of accidents to clean up. It was so simple. And it was done in 2 days without having to stay home for a few days, we went into the city the second day and he went potty at a park!
    potty training board chart.jpg
  3. Stick to a sleep schedule.
    This is a life saver! Both our kids are pretty good about bedtime, but Cash especially! Man that kid amazes me sometimes. We have a regular routine that we do every single night, even if we are out of town or it’s later (or earlier) than usual, and it gets him in the mind set of bed time. He may throw a little fit because he’s not ready to start this routine or go to bed but once we do start it’s a breeze! We are working on building up this routine with Tate, but I will be honest we have been slacking a little bit. We need to do better about making sure we do the same thing every night. I know it’s hard to follow these routines when you’re first starting out, in a rush, or on vacation but I am telling you it pays off in the long run!
  4. Plan ahead
    I am a planner, list maker, OCD, a little over the top kind of mom but it does help. We have a routine where we drop my husband off at the train and go straight to the gym first thing in the morning. I barley have enough time to get myself and the two boys ready in the time it takes my husband to get ready. To help with this I pack their gym bags the night before. I lay their clothes out the night before. I plan everything I possibly can ahead of time.
    Having a plan makes the rush of the morning or the after school rush so much easier. It can just flow with ease.
  5. Do what you need to while the kids nap.
    If this means emptying the dishwasher or relaxing and catching up on your most recent show do it! It doesn’t matter what you ‘need’ to do. Nap time is the best time to get anything done. And for those of you with older kids, have them continue this time with ‘quite time’. Our older son is starting to transition out of naps (not because he doesn’t need them mind you, because he’s stubborn) so I tell him he has to go to his room for quite time. I let him take a couple books to his bed and he can’t get out until I come to get him.

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Parenting Secrets That Will Make Your Life Easier

  1. Absolutely! I agree with all of these, especially #1 and #2. We did this for potty training our daughter after trying a BS 3-day bootcamp method twice. Fail!! One day she also said, “I want to wear underwear.” Never looked back! I love your planning ability; I’m still working on that.

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    1. I read so many things online and looked up tricks on Pinterest. I read about the 3 day thing but I’m selfish and didn’t want to be stuck at home for 3 days. 😂 At the end of the day he just wasn’t ready. I’m so glad we waited!
      The planning thing just helps my anxiety. I’m no where near super mom status because of it, but it does help the morning go smoother. Which is great for me because I am not a morning person whatsoever. Ahahaha


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