10 most influential people

I wanted to write a list, yes I love lists, of my top 10 celebrities and public figures. They are people I look up to and people who inspire me for one reason or another. It was really hard to pick just 10 people. There are so many great people who are doing great things for others and for the world. I narrowed this list down significantly by only using people who are still living, but I will have to do another list of influential people who are deceased.

I couldn’t decide which order to put these people in, so they are just in random order.

  • The Obamas – What’s not to love about this family? But I have put them on this list because I look up to them as parents. If I can be half the parent they are I would consider it a win. They have plenty of other great qualities, but that is the main reason I admire them so much.
    Obamas .jpg
  • Beyonce – Anyone that knows me knows I love Queen B! But there’s more to it than just her wonderful music. I love how she is all about female empowerment. I think she’s a great role model for women! She’s incredibly strong and stands up for what she believes in. She uses her fame as a platform to voice her thoughts and opinions.
  • Hillary Clinton – If you hate her for whatever reason, don’t stop reading. Just skip this one if you feel that strongly about it. I wrote a paper on some of her speeches this past semester and I learned so much about her. I purposefully picked a speech given in the early 90’s, while Bill Clinton was in office, and it was incredibly moving. She was advocating for women and children’s rights at a world conference for this particular speech and I could see how much this affected her and how strongly she felt about it.  Even before Bill Clinton was president she dedicated her life to bettering the lives of women and children. I find that so admirable and important.
  • Pope Francis – I admire that he is going against the grain. He’s standing up for what he believes in and opening up the Roman Catholic Church to ‘new’ ideas such as divorce and same sex marriage. I also find it admirable that he has broken away from tradition of living in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace to living in a modest two bedroom apartment.
  • Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg – On top of being good people and being honest with their fertility issues in the past, they are committing to giving away 99% of their wealth to improve our world. They want to take on challenges like improving education, curing disease, connecting people, and building stronger communities.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – I think it’s incredible how dedicated he is to his work. For example, to prepare for his role in The Revenant he slept in an animal carcass and chewed on raw bison. If I could be that dedicated to my work I could change lives! If we could all be that dedicate to our work the world would be a much better place. On top of being dedicated to acting he works extremely hard to protect our planet. He uses his voice, influence, and notoriety to make a difference.
  • Malala Yousafzai – She is a Pakistani woman who fights for women’s rights and the right for education. In addition to being an activist  in a place where women are not equal, she was shot in the head by a Taliban member at close range and survived. How incredible is that?!?!
  • J.K. Rowling – Her books are wonderful but that’s not why she’s on my list. She’s the first person to become a billionaire just from publishing books. She also lost her billionaire status from donating so much money. She has used her wealth to better the lives of other people. She has a handful of charities that she has donated millions of dollars to and volunteered her time to.
  • John Oliver – He has no qualms about calling anyone out. He makes issues known in a charming and witty way. He doesn’t put up with any bull shit and I like that. I like that he takes a stand in his own way to current issues.
  • Emma Watson – She is beautiful, intelligent, brave, incredibly strong, and a feminist. Her #HeForShe campaign fights for women’s rights and woman’s equality. She received hate mail and one site in particular threatened to release nude photos after a speech she made, to which she responded with grace and dignity. “If they were trying to put me off, they did the opposite.” She is a great actor and has a degree in English Literature from Brown University. She a wonderful role model for young boys and girls. I look up to her and what she’s done so far.


I want to know who would be on your top 10? Why did you put them there?



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