365 days. 12 months. 52 weeks.

This here is our little David Tate. Isn’t he cute? Man oh man, I love that little gap toothed smile.

He turns 1 today. I can’t believe how much we have gone through and experienced together in just a short year. 365 days of fun, stress, love, cuddles, depression, hurting nipples, sleepless nights, early mornings, hair pulling, face smacking, and sweet smiles.

His ‘milestones’ as of today:

This sweet boy co-slept with us until 2 months ago, his daddy said it was time to get him into his own crib. I fought it a little at first, but I sure do love all the sleep I’ve gotten the past 2 months. He nursed until just a few days ago, I was so tired and over it. I’m sad and happy that our nursing journey is over.  He’s on the verge of walking and can say mama and dada. He tasted juice for the first time last night and is trying all sorts of food now a days. He’s still on donated breast milk but we’re trying to wean him off that as well.

Any who, this little rascal is into literally everything! Anything he can reach on the table or counter, well now it’s on the floor. Anything that has a cabinet door, that isn’t locked, well that’s now on the floor as well, or in his mouth. Have an open door? Well leave it to Tate to close for you. Problem with this one is he closes the door then gets mad because he’s suck in the room.

Other than getting stuck in rooms he is a very happy boy. He thinks his daddy and brother are both so incredibly funny. He loves playing ‘Star Wars’ with his brother, daddy, and myself. He also thinks he’s hilarious. He loves pretty much everything his brother loves. If Cash is playing with something, Tate wants it. Which doesn’t always work well for Tate because sometimes Cash has a hard time sharing, but we’re working on it.

To celebrate the birthday boy I took him and Cash to breakfast with our friends Jess, Kevin, Callum, and Beckham. Later we are having a birthday party with a few of our friends and a cake just for Tate! I will definitely be posting pictures of that later.

Happy birthday, baby boy. Mommy loves you ❤


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