The day my kids met Santa Clause

The picture up above is my Mucka (Grandma Carolyn) and Grandpa Steve. They dress up like Mr. and Mrs. Clause and do a pretty damn good job, if I do say so myself.

This post, however, is about another Santa that my boys met today at the Sun Valley Mall in Pleasant Hill. If anyone lives in the East Bay I suggest going over there. They have a ‘flight simulator’ where your child gets a personalized badge with their name and picture on. They get to help fix Santa’s sleigh and play in some fake snow. It was great! Even if there’s a line (which there wasn’t around noon today) this part is worth it (even better, this part is free)! And definitely get the badge personalized, they have stations to use your badge and if you do it at the one right before Santa he knows their name. 😀

We walked over to Santa and he said “Hey, Cash, what do you want for Christmas?” Cash thought it was THE COOLEST THING EVER! He’s never met Santa before, so maybe he was a bit more excited than other kids but he thought it was really cool.

Tate on the other hand was not amused, at all. He loved all the lights, colors, music, and fake snow before Santa. But once I put him in Santa’s lap everything went down hill. Tate is not usually fussy or one who doesn’t like strangers, as long as he’s not sleepy. Santa must have been terrifying because this picture says a thousand words. I will treasure this picture the rest of my days. This is one of those pictures I will show at his graduation, his wedding, and to his kids. These moments are the moments we live for. ❤



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