Christmas Cards

I love everything about Christmas. Maybe it’s because I’m away from my mom, who tried to avoid celebrating the holidays every year, or maybe it’s because I have two little kids of my own who find so much magic in Christmas still. Who knows. All I know is that I love this time of year.

Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy sending out Christmas cards and receiving Christmas cards. The other night the boys and I went and bought 50 Christmas cards, all very sparkly of course! I have been dying to fill them out and send them. Yesterday as the boys were napping I sat down and decided who was getting which card and addressed all the envelopes.

On a whim I decided I was going to include a Christmas letter this year. How do you write a Christmas letter that isn’t boring but isn’t constantly bragging either? Time to do some research.

I found a handful of blog posts that had some cute ideas and I finally settled on the idea of an acrostic poem for our family Christmas letter. I had so much fun doing it, I think writing funny Christmas letters is a new family tradition. Here is the letter I will be sending out to all our closest friends and family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

CCan’t believe how big the boys are getting!

Cash turned 3, is potty trained, has made his own friends at Kids World (and is quite possibly the most popular kid there), started soccer lessons, and feels like he’s been a really good boy for Santa this year. Tate turned one, moved to his own crib (after 10 months of sleeping with mom and dad), is standing on his own, climbing onto everything, getting into everything, and saying mama and dada.

HHoly cow, we have had a great year!

We got to finalize Cash’s adoption, visit Boston, visit Georgia, go to a bulldogs game, visit Tahoe a handful of times with friends, go to Utah for Thanksgiving, and make some great friends along the way.

RRecounting the year!

As we reflect on the year we can’t help but smile. We have been so fortunate to live in a beautiful place and have wonderful friends to celebrate our triumphs and successes, as well as be there for the harder, more turbulent, times.

I –  I need a break!

I go to school full time, stay home with the kids full time, and I live in a house full of boys; messy, loud, rambunctious, gross, dirty, hyper boys. I need some serious girl time. Any takers?

SScary moments!

We had a few incidents this year that were a little scary for everyone. Cash fractured his shin bone and had a full leg cast for a few weeks. Then shortly after that he rolled his finger up in the car window and had a complex open fracture. He joined the stitches club and had a splint for 8 weeks. If you ask him, “There was blood EVERYWHERE!”

TTake a moment to say thanks!

We just want to thank each and every one of you for being in our lives and being in our kids’ lives. We feel so fortunate to have such amazing and loving family and friends.

MMaking memories!

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year, mostly ups though. Tyson got a new job at Deal Path. I started school this summer with dreams of transferring to Berkley. Cash continues to get smarter, and sassier, every day. Tate follows his brother everywhere he can and finds his daddy and Cash especially funny.


This a word used to describe our two children by other people; Tyson and I don’t see the angelic side quite as often as we would like. I never knew the fighting between brothers started so early! In all seriousness, they are great boys and we love them so much!

SSo many funny moments!

Having two little boys has given us plenty of fun stories and situations. When we were sitting in court to finalize Cash’s adoption the Judge asked Cash “Christopher Cash Mendoza, do you go by Christopher or Chris?” Cash, very straight faced, replied, “I go by super-man.


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