End of the Year

Well, today is the day. 2016 is over in just a few hours. I know some of us are glad and some of us couldn't care less. I am personally fine with the year. However, it does feel like I am closing the door on a difficult time in my life and marriage. My postpartum depression … Continue reading End of the Year


Feminist Friday

Please read this Dear Mr. Trump article. Take it all in. Let me know what you think. Let's stand up for equality. Let's stand together. Let's take back our power! Here is the Dear Mr. Trump Website.  

Tom Cruise kind of crazy

So last night after Tyson got off work we went downtown to pick up an outfit for me to wear to a wedding reception tonight. We were out for roughly an hour and a half. We decided to brave it and not take the double stroller, or a stroller at all! Tyson carried Tate and Cash … Continue reading Tom Cruise kind of crazy

Meal Planning

The other day Tyson told me his mom used to make a full dinner every night (not just pasta or soup and warm bread) even when she was working full time. He didn't mean to but it made me feel pretty shitty. It made me think of our friend Jan and her blog appropriately named The Shitty … Continue reading Meal Planning

Hello, I’m a millennial.

Simon Sinek gave a talk on millennials in the workplace on Inside Quest (IQ) with Tom Bilyeu. (You can watch the video here on youtube) I have gone back and watched this 15 minute video a few times now and want to make some serious changes in my life. Here’s a break-down of what he said. Millennials, … Continue reading Hello, I’m a millennial.

Please tell me it’s just a phase

Cash has started hitting. I hate admitting this to anyone, let alone myself. I have no idea where this is coming from. It's not like he's frustrated with something and hits out of anger or frustration. He's just hitting. 😦 On Friday or Saturday, I can't remember, he was playing with Tyson (not play fighting … Continue reading Please tell me it’s just a phase

Top 5 advantages to being a young mom

I got pregnant with Cash at 22. We were trying to have him and it was very normal for people our age to have children that young, or younger, in Utah. When I moved to San Francisco I quickly learned the normal time to have children was sometime in your 30's. And quite honestly, it … Continue reading Top 5 advantages to being a young mom

Just a little bit of crazy

Anyone that knows me knows I have a few OCD tendencies. This is not new to me, I have been very aware of my particular way of doing things since I was young. However, Tyson said something to me the other day when he was frustrated with me that really hit home. He told me … Continue reading Just a little bit of crazy

Long Distance Friendship

So I have this friend.... This isn't what you think. 😉 Anyway, I have known her since childhood. We talk sporadically, but it's not just small talk. We can talk about life, which I've found is rare with acquaintances and sometimes even 'friends'. She's strong, compassionate, and says what's on her mind; all of which … Continue reading Long Distance Friendship

Christmas Day

Well the rush and craziness of Christmas morning has passed and I am so thankful for my boys. Santa and our families spoiled the kids so much and we are so blessed. My mom never really liked Christmas much and so I don't have a lot of memories of the excitement, joy, and wonder but … Continue reading Christmas Day